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Iraq Business News

Iraq Business News

Since its launch in February 2010, Iraq Business News has grown rapidly to become the leading news service for all who are interested in the development of Iraq.

As the country emerges from years of stagnation and war, it presents immense opportunities for businesses and individuals to be part of an amazing success story.

Some of the world’s largest oilfields are being revitalised, two million new homes are being built, and all the infrastructure needed to support a modern economy is being put in place.

Iraq Oil Report

Iraq Oil Report

We believe that reliable information, presented in the right way, can empower stakeholders to make smart decisions. Our large, on-the-ground network synthesizes solid facts and unbiased insight into high-impact analysis. Iraq Oil Report's mission is to deliver this information to enable this empowerment.

Services provided to clients include:

  • Daily, event-driven news and analysis
  • Custom research services
  • Tailored advertising to your target market, the IOR audience.

Business Life

Business Life

Business Life links readers to the business world and advertisers to opportunities. We keep you in touch with the latest trends in technologies, business and finance. For those of you who are looking for a little entertainment the newest trends and gossip will do the trick. Special attention is also given to the oil and gas industry since. Our main concern is the enhancement of business through accurate reporting, a distinctive array of topics, and a large readership. Business Life is widely available throughout the Middle East.

Business has forever changed in the brink of technology. The basic procedural distinctions of business in the Middle East have overshadowed tradition. The new millennium will bring with it a whole new approach to business. The changes that are taking place have to be studied and explored so that we make the best of our financial decisions. Consequently, Business Life pledges to acute our sense of business evolution and always stay one step ahead of the news.

Al Morakeb Group

Al Morakeb Group

Al Morakeb Group started early 19s as Al Morakeb Al Inmai magazine. In 2014, and due to the expansion of Al Morakeb Al Inamai magazine’s business and success, the company's board of directors made the big decision to create a company of a group of specialized magazines, and established Al Morakeb Group SAL, which began to operate at the beginning of 2015.

Al Morakeb Group issues 3 different magazines in addition to Al Morakeb Al Inmai, which continues to publish supplements of specialized issues.

Al Morakeb Al Mali: specialized in the banking, transport, information technology, tourism, trade, industry and other economic topics.

Al Morakeb Al Ta’mini: allocated to the insurance sector and all its divisions

Al Morakeb Al Ikari: deals with real estate and construction. Our readers vary from elite businessmen, to leaders in the economic sector, university students, and people interested in the latest updates of the economic sector.

Published in Lebanon, Al Morakeb Al Mali, Ta’mini, Ikari and Inmai magazines are published together worldwide, and more than 10,000 copies from each magazine are distributed in Lebanon, and 65,000 in the Arab World, Mainly KSA, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, and in Europe.

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